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Tea Stop Cafe Reservations
We strongly recommend that you book your table for the weekend and holidays at least a week in advance. We get really busy Saturdays and Sundays. Everyone likes to Tea-Party on the weekend!

Reserve your table ahead of time and start your stress-free experience early. In order to make a reservation simply contact us at 415.771.4252 and we will be more than happy to insure your table for you.

Reservations are generally reserved for one and a half hours per table. That's a lot of tea and talking!

Now, if you are planning to celebrate in style and would like to reserve a party,

Amy is your “Go-to- Gal” for any …Please feel free to contact her by ringing 415-771-4252. If she can’t pick up the call right away please leave a message with your information and she will get baack to you shortly. Generally calls are returned Mondays to Fridays after 10:00 am and hopefully before 6:00 pm! Sometimes its tricky to chat during the day as Amy is also serving pots of tea and scones to thirsty tea loving guests!! But do not fret she will get back to you… in the meantime here is a load of information that may help you!

Tea Stop Cafe Reservations